T4 On The Beach happened this weekend. It featured lots of annoying presenters and kids in irritating sunglasses, but it also featured a lot of very attractive popstars. For example, Pixie Lott performed in tiny shorts – or some kind of tiny romper suit or something – which is good.

Pixie Lott at T4 On The Beach

Alexandra Burke continued the short-shorts theme. Summery.

Alexandra Burke at T4 On The Beach

Diana Vickers utterly disobeyed the short-shorts theme of the day, which would usually be unacceptable but she has extremely good legs and wore a mini-dress so we're forgiving her. It's good to have variety sometimes.

Diana Vickers at T4 On The Beach

We could only find one picture of The Saturdays performing in tiny little dresses, and it's a terrible photo. They all look kind of drunk and you can't see the blonde one (was she even there?). So that's disappointing.

The Saturdays At T4 On The Beach

Jedward were also there but we're not running pictures of them because we don't hate you.