Okay, so we’re not talking about dad or money – tell us something mad about yourself that will shock our readers…
I have never had ketchup. Not once in my life.

Dear God. What the hell’s wrong with you?
I know! People always think I’m the biggest freak in the world but I’m not going anywhere near that stuff. It makes me feel sick! Even talking about it now is turning my stomach.

What about brown sauce?
Yeah, in a bacon sandwich, that’s fine.

But ketchup is very similar; it’s just red and slightly less fruity…
I don’t believe you. It’s the smell of the stuff that puts me off. I have to sniff everything before I put it in my mouth.

Everything? Really?

Did you enjoy getting sexy for our shoot?
Yeah, absolutely loved it. I was so nervous before – like ridiculously petrified for a week. I can’t explain how scary it is for a girl getting your first shoot in FHM! But I really enjoyed it, and as the day went on I got more comfortable. I think you could tell in my photos. The longer the day went on, the sexier the shots were looking.

Have you done many sexy shoots before?
Nothing anywhere near this scale. I’ve done a few things but, obviously, just for fun. It’s not the kind of thing I do every day. I just did this because it was FHM. I wanted it to look sexy and amazing so badly.

When you’re posing in front of the camera in our pants, were you thinking sexy thoughts?
I didn’t think of anything. I was all dressed up with everyone scurrying around me and I just went vacant. I couldn’t think about anything as I was just really concentrating on having this leg here, and breathing now, and turning to the right…

When the mag comes out, are you going to be thrusting it under people’s faces shouting, “Look how hot I am!”?
No way! I’m not telling anyone, and I’m going into hiding for a month. It’s not that I’m not proud of it. I’m just shy about it. I’ve only told my sister and my mum and dad…

Now you’ve brought up the ‘d’ word, what’s it like being the daughter of a billionaire?
It’s pretty great, but then again whenever people meet me they think I’m going to be like really, really stuck up and spoilt. They think that just because I have money I’m going to be rude and bitchy. But I don’t really care – I guess everyone judges people before you’ve met them. It’s hard to get away from it, and I’m not that bothered. What else are they going to go on – it’s up to me to surprise them.

What’s the most down to earth thing about you?
Well, I go to the shop and buy milk most days! I buy it for my coffee and cereal and stuff. That’s pretty scandalous, I know – the tabloids will be all over it! I also go to the gym, that’s pretty normal. When I’m not working, nothing spectacular happens.

Ever eaten a kebab from a van?
Yeah, I have. Honest! I did really like it too, but I’m not into the sauce stuff they put on it. I have to have it without chilli sauce, which I guess defeats the whole object of having a kebab.

How can you tell if a bloke’s just after your cash?
I think it all depends on where you are. If I’m in the pub and stuff, people won’t be expecting to see me there, and when a bloke comes to chat me up it’s a pretty safe bet he doesn’t know about my dad’s money. If you’re at an event where everyone knows who you are, I’ll get a bazillion people trying to pick me up. Really they’re trying to pick up my dad, via me.



Are you single?
Yes, at the moment I am. Yeah.

What could one of our readers do to pull you?
To get with me, you have to make me laugh. I couldn’t be with someone who wasn’t humorous. A man has to be chivalrous, too. Things like opening doors and buying flowers are quite important to me. So be funny and romantic.

Where should they take you?
I think it would be really sweet if one of your readers took me on a picnic to the park. With a picnic hamper full of food they know I’d like. It’d be nice to go to a place where there aren’t any other people as well.

What’s the sexiest thing about you?
My eyes. How corny is that! People always say I’ve got really sexy eyes.

Do you have one killer pulling outfit?
No! I don’t really like getting dressed up, I’m not that kind of girl. I usually just slob around in jeans. I’m sorry! Boring…

You were loving our lingerie…
Yeah! But you didn’t let me keep any of it, which was really mean. There were these really nice black see-through knickers with matching bra. It was really cool to have matching underwear. I’m a bit crap; I normally have no matching undies. I would have loved to have kept that little getup.

Sorry. You’re going to be driving on Sky One’s The Race. What’s the sexiest car in the world?
A Ferrari, I think. I’m not very good with cars. How shit is that considering my background? I really want an Aston Martin though – I think that’s the sexiest car, actually.



What car do you drive at the moment?
A Range Rover Sport. I absolutely love it!

Do you drive like an F1 driver on the street?
I don’t think I’m mad, but I’m not a typical girlie driver. I definitely have a bit of road rage going on. I love driving, though – especially fast.

Did you get to drive round Brands Hatch as a kid?
I got to drive the safety car at an F1 race once and that was really scary. I spent the whole lap screaming, but it was totally fun. But, as a rule, no. And I failed my first driving test.

You failed?
Yeah. But all the best drivers fail first time.

Couldn’t you have just shown a bit of leg to the instructor?
I did! He wasn’t having any of it!

How involved were you in F1 growing up?
Quite a lot. But when we were younger, my mum wouldn’t travel with my dad, so we just stayed at home together. I guess it’s been a massive part of my life, and I still enjoy going every now and then, but I couldn’t go to every one of them. I don’t know how my dad does it. It’s really hard work. Exhausting! But it’s always amazing to go to places like Monaco. You get loads of brilliant parties.

Who has the best yacht to party on?
My mum! Of course! Her birthday is around the time of the Monaco Grand Prix, so we always throw her a bit of a wild party. It goes off – we know how to have a good time.

Do you have a crush on any of the drivers?
No, I don’t think any of them are good-looking.

Did you ever consider becoming an F1 pit girl?
No. I don’t think my dad would have been too happy. You know, I’ve never spoken to one in my life, but I’m sure they must be a bit ditzy.

Is it true you used to be the Editorial Assistant at F1 magazine?
Yeah, and it was really hard work. I couldn’t believe it. I had to photocopy, make tea, run errands, collect the editor’s dry cleaning and stuff. I was knackered at the end of the day, but it was a good experience. I think I learnt a lot from it.

Would you come and work as FHM’s Editorial Assistant? We currently have a vacancy…
It depends how much you pay me. You all seem pretty nice, so I’ll consider it at least.

How would you sex up the FHM office?
My general presence in the morning would be enough to sex the whole place up. I’d make everyone laugh with my tea-making, too.

We hear you speak fluent Croatian. Can you teach us a swear word?

Great. What’s that mean?
Fuck off.

Oh. That’s not very nice…
Ha! You said swear, not say something nice.

Yeah, but you could have said “tits” or something.
I’m sorry.

Original interview by Lee Coan in the January 2007 issue of FHM UK magazine