Like Marmite, Colonel Gaddafi’s fashion sense and tiny dogs, American rocker Taylor Momsen isn’t to everyone’s taste. Some people love her badass style, her copious mascara and her “I’ll spit in your beer when you’re not looking” attitude, while others would rather she just had a good wash, put on some comfy jogging bottoms and settled in to watch Countryfile.

But that’s ok, right? You can’t please everyone. And T-Mom seems like the kinda girl who “Couldn’t give a rats ass, buddy” whether you like her or not. We’re down with that. It’s a good attitude. Stick it to the man. One in the gut for the system. You go, girl. Let’s all smoke some gear, listen to Nirvana and not do our homework. Or something.

The Momsen plinth looked unstable

The other night, Taylor ‘I’m a bit like a tiny dog wearing Colonel Gaddafi’s beret and eating Marmite’ Momsen was performing in Texas with her band, The Pretty Reckless. It was something to do with Perez Hilton who is a bit of a complete twat that we don’t like and South by Southwest festival which is a really cool festival where everyone ROCKS OUT and has a rather lovely time which we do like quite a lot.

Though still in its infancy, T-Mom’s musical career has already undertaken quite a transition. When she was five, she recorded delicate little lambs of songs like Christmas, Why Can’t I Find You? and Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer for Christmas albums bought by panicked parents in Walmart on Christmas Eve.

Nowadays, she sings angst-ridden songs like Miss Nothing and Make Me Wanna Die which those same neglected children will listen to as they reach adolescence and rebel against their parents' authority by wearing black clothes and having a fringe that covers their eyes.

Pointy slithered in for the kill