Hot on the well-oiled heels of FHM's Chica Bomb video exclusive comes this behind-the-scenes footage of the girls on set in Los Angeles. They were there, of course, being shot by the FHM lenses for their appearance in the September issue. They appear approximately ten pages in, with wet hair and sexy, pouty faces. Like you've seen them before, just different. Better, even. It's on our desk right now. Scroll down to find out what else is in the new issue.

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FHM September 2010

The Hollyoaks girls as you’ve never seen them before!

Read it and weep, Tarantino: 28 days after an exceptionally saucy Sunday omnibus transforms the men of Britain into lust-crazed zombies, four killer babes must strip for action. Jennifer Metcalfe, Gemma Merna, Claire Cooper and Jorgie Porter star in the summer’s must see action adventure…

FREE 32-page lingerie special!

Famous women talk you through how to buy lingerie, five stunning new shoots starring FHM’s favourite girlfriends, some knowledge you never knew you needed and – wait for it – Tom Howard’s column on wearing women’s underwear.

Pull girls who are out of your league!

In the movies, the geeks often end up tonguing the hot girl. But is it possible in real life? And what sort of game would an amateur need to play if he wanted to operate way out of his league?

45 pages of UPGRADE!

This month's mind and body revamp includes: How to get a gold medal body, how to laugh a woman into bed, the world’s most secret bars, the best in post-pub grub and the secrets to giving a good massage. Also: something called a Dragon Vagina.