The lady in red is…mesmerising FHM into missing its tube to work, every morning.

It’s a trend that’s getting our boss increasingly agitated. His only consolation comes from the Access inbox. A virtual mailbag that reveals we aren’t alone. That up and down the country, Britain’s men are being hypnotised to a standstill by mademoiselle Polly Brindle. Which is ironic, given she’s perched on a Power Plate advertising a chain of gyms.

“My picture’s absolutely everywhere,” laughs the Manchester-born 24-year-old. “Sometimes I stand across from it at rush hour and watch all the commuters looking at it.
I want to scream, ‘That’s me!’, but I never do.”

Soon she might not have to. Polly is, as they say camply in the trade, so hot right now, with a TV ad for Hyundai, an appearance as Dorothy in the BBC’s ident for its new search for a stage star and a slot alongside Ant & Dec in ITV’s latest advert just three of the recent additions to her CV. “Everything’s just sort of snowballing right now,” admits the model who was discovered at 16, while underage drinking in her local.

“Ant & Dec were fun and the BBC ident was incredible – I got paid to skip down a yellow brick road in a little dress for two days – but Hyundai will probably be the biggest. It launches this month and will be everywhere – TV, billboards, the lot. Mind you, I was wearing a little blonde wig, so readers might not recognise me.”

We have a feeling you will. We also have a feeling you’d sell a significant percentage of your holiday allocation to bag the spot on the excercise machine behind Polly. But if you do, she has a feeling you’ll be disappointed.“Don’t believe everything you see in adverts,” smiles the former Performing Arts student. “I do go to the gym regularly, but, believe me, I don’t use the Power Plate in a red dress and eight-inch Louboutins. In fact, I’m so clumsy, you’re lucky if you catch me on the machines at all.”