As we all know Eva Mendes looks glorious for her age, but did you know that she could actually act? Well films like The Spirit weren't a great example of that, but today we have one. Eva was on a photo shoot for her new film The Other Guys which is out in August, and having looked at the cast list, it sounds quite impressive.

Samuel L. Jackson, Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Steve Coogan, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, and even Paris Hilton. It's an unusual mix, which could either work out really well, or erm, not work out that well. It's about two lacklustre cops (Ferrell and Wahlberg) who want to be awesome manly cops, with possible hilarious consequences. We don't know if they're hilarious, because we haven't seen it.

But what we do know is that Eva Mendes can act with her face. See below for examples.

Eva is happy! She's possibly pretending to be a young lady who has just received a rather splendid cake and can barely contain her excitement. 

Eva is thinking! Perhaps the rather splendid cake is in a complex container, with child proof locks or some fiddly plastic wrapping.

Eva is angry! It turns out the cake wasn't actually a cake at all, but a large pile of cotton wool disguised as a cake. We hate it when that happens. Eva is now deciding how to kill those practical jokers. Grrr.

Here is the trailer for The Other Guys, you lucky, lucky people.




Marisa Miller in the August issue of FHM

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Here is a gallery with Eva acting loads, in like, low cut tops and stuff. We bloody love acting.