A few months ago, FHM readers requested to see more of “Mary and Jane from the Lynx Rise ad.” Or “the hot girls holding up their names on that billboard.” So, we obliged. We arranged a photo shoot with the girls, dressed in tasty swimming costumes and rubbing up against the walls of a shower. It appeared in the June issue of FHM and it was great. But you wanted more. Specifically, you wanted more of ice hockey fan Lauren, despite the regular slapping, tickling complimenting and pinching each other’s bikini-clad bodies that made a convincing argument for the girls to never, ever be separated.


“Whatever makes for a good shoot, right?” smiles Lauren. “And why not? Miranda was comfortable with it, and I’m pretty spontaneous. Plus I have to admit it wasn’t my first time showering in public. I’ve also been skinny dipping, but I’ll save that story for my next shoot.” That’s why you wanted more of Lauren. The girl’s a flirt. An excellent flirt (she sent one of our writers a tantalising picture message, which he’s still showing people down the pub). So here are ten more pictures of Lauren Young. The girl who at just 20, will wear at least 2,000 more bikinis before she even gets a wrinkle.