The decade that saw us put an 18-year-old Keeley Hazell on the cover, project Gail Porter’s arse onto the Houses of Parliament, take speed with Motorhead and sell a bucket of water for £104 on eBay has ended. It was great. But what now? A new dawn? A new beginning? A new you? Scary. Reassuringly, FHM is entering the New Year with an issue that contains a humongous preview of some girls that’ll blow your minds in 2010.

It features The Saturdays on the cover (bed-breaking video below), plus the new Keeley, Dr Who’s new assistant, the new Megan Fox and Victoria’s new secret. There’s also an idiot-proof guide to 2010 including a handy guide to where terrorists might strike next, an accuracy test for James Milner (ball-smashing video below), some fighting with girls (bone-crunching video below), and an extensive guide to a year’s worth of movies, TV shows, computer games (exclusive Bayonetta video below), trainers and todger problems. Basically, it’s brilliant.

The Saturdays – pillow fighting and breaking beds:


Bayonetta exclusive:



- How Not to Plan a Military Coup – with Simon Mann!

- Annie Wersching!

- 19 things that will piss you off in 2010!

- Loads of fashion!

- And also all this:

James Milner belts footballs at FHM:


FHM fights a girl, and loses:


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