The Top 10 Sexy F1 WAGs are GO! GO! GO!

Posted by , 24 March 2011

The Top 10 Sexy F1 WAGs are GO! GO! GO!


Formula One is back. If it seems like it’s been a long wait, that’s because it has. The FIA, in all their wisdom, scheduled the first race in Bahrain, a country beset by political unrest and angry demonstrations, and then decided that wasn’t such a good idea after all.

That’s a bit like FIFA organising a World Cup in a country with no footballing tradition, 50 degree heat, no stadia, a population of 11 and a nationwide ban on booze. Ha! Imagine that! As if! Chortle chortle! (Yeah, still pretty bitter about that World Cup bid thing.)

Whether you’re an F1 aficionado salivating at the prospect of the technological tweaks and driver changes that’ll make this season more exciting than the last, or couldn’t care less and wonder why they don’t all use a lot more red shells and lightning bolts, we’ve got 10 lovely F1 WAGs that’ll get your engine revving. (Engine revving. Like in a car. Get it? “Hellllllo, Pulitzer Prize”.)

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