We've been posting an awful lot of Miranda Kerr stories recently. We make no apologies for this. We'll keep posting Miranda Kerr stories until she stops being one of the most beautiful women alive and/or reveals a hitherto secret penchant for dropping puppies in volcanoes (we might forgive the latter). We will especially keep posting stories when she appears naked in US GQ, as she is today.

The Australian Victoria's Secret model starts off in a white bikini (big week for white bikinis) and then throws caution and bikini to the wind and rolls around, all amazingly.

Miranda also talks about her involvement in one of the funniest news stories of last year, when a banker was almost fired after he was caught looking at photos of her on his computer during a live news report.

"It was a huge deal," she told GQ. "I wasn't offended. I just felt sorry for the poor guy". Miranda Kerr is good people. There are more photos at GQ's website.

Four highlights from FHM's Miranda Kerr archive:

1/ Miranda Kerr in a sexy little dress

2/ Miranda Kerr is still amazing

3/ Watch Miranda Kerr trying on bikinis

4/ The Victoria's Secret swimsuit catalogue is here