Is Caprica Six the hardest women in science fiction? Could she have, say, the Bionic Woman or Sarah Connor?
Oh, totally. Seeing as the Bionic Woman is actually bionic, she might be able to outlast my body. But I’d be able to download to a new body. I don’t think she could kill me for good. I think I could outdo Sarah Connor as well. Even with a huge gun. After all [puts on sinister character voice] she’s only a human.

How did you prepare for the audition? Watch Terminator over and over again?
My take on it was not to make her Terminator cold, more human than that. She was still living amongst the humans for two years, undetected, so I thought that she had to be fairly… she had to fit in. She had to stand out, and yet fit in, if that makes sense.

Sci-fi fans are notoriously fickle – how have you found them?
I do a couple of conventions a year and during the Q&A session there are questions that I can’t answer because I don’t know. I mean, even to this day I don’t know why Number Six can only be seen by Gaius Baltar [slimey, super intelligent human traitor]. It’s the last season so a lot of questions are being answered.

So do you know the fate of Six yet? Does she kill Starbuck?
Ha! If it wasn’t for that lucky fall over the edge, I would’ve had her! I hope I’ll get a rematch. I love doing stunt fights. I get a little bit from what we’ve shot so far, but not full-on fights. I can’t really tell you what happens, but you know, I get shot, I shoot people. But I’m hoping for another big drag-down fight before the end of the season.



Any plans to steal anything from the set? Can you get us a Viper plane?
I’ll try. But I’m going to try and steal my red dress. There’s only one of them. It was made especially for the mini series and that’s the same dress I’m still wearing five years later.

You could go to a fancy dress party as your character…
Oh, totally. I could totally do that and just stand in the corner lurking menacingly.

You were a model for years – but only posed for Playboy last year. Why?
They approached me right after Battlestar came out and I didn’t think that was the right time, because I was so new to acting. After BSG started getting big, Playboy approached me again. I talked to my parents – I certainly didn’t want to embarrass anyone, and they were cool. I just thought it was a good thing to do when I was still young enough to do it.

Why? You don’t look your 33 years…
Well, thank you. It’s unfair between men and women in the acting business. Men can look rugged and manly, they can age and it’s okay.

Do you mean Edward James Olmos, who plays Admiral Odama? Is he not just ugly?
No! I think he’s a very handsome man. I just read for this new pilot, actually. It was a script I really loved: the character was going to be a liaison between two FBI agencies. And she used to be a US Marines Special Investigator. And what did they say? That they’re looking for somebody who’s 25. And I just think: how stupid and unrealistic is that?



So is that what you want to do when Galactica is over?
Oh, I’d love to do comedy. I hate watching romantic comedies, but I’d love to play in one. And I have a big desire to play a cop or a detective, in the army or something like that. I want to run around with guns, jump out of buildings and all that stuff. I definitely want to do an action flick. Actually, having said that, I just did a film called Walk All Over Me where I was a dominatrix.

And a painter. I play this girl Celene, who’s found her place in the world when she discovered her natural talent, and what made her happy. I think I’ve moved through a similar chapter in my life. Only without the whips.

Original interview by Josh Woodfin in the May 2008 issue of FHM UK magazine