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Posted by , 05 December 2008

“A minute later I was on top riding him hard”

“A minute later I was on top riding him hard”

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    “I massaged my pussy through satin panties”

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    “It was the sexiest HJ I’ve ever performed!”

After an argument (over some teabags, of all things) I stormed out of my boyfriend’s house. He came after me in his car a few minutes later and I realised how stupid I was being and got in. We drove on for a bit, not really saying much. By this point we’d got into a quiet area and I was still a bit angry.

As we pulled up, I kissed him really hard, then ripped his shirt open. A minute later I was on top, and rode him so hard and fast. No one was around, so we went at it for ages as it was such a turn on, knowing people might see. I would recommend it to anyone, although the back seat is best with the woman on top… Jeez, I’m horny now just thinking about it!

Posted:: Monday November 12, 12:38pm, by Hornygal

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