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Posted by , 05 December 2008

“A prim-looking secretary sat next to me”

“A prim-looking secretary sat next to me”

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    “The guy I wanted was so friggin’ good”

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    “We screwed for an hour with him watching”

The sluttiest thing I ever did was to pull my panties up really tight before I got the bus to work with the sole intention of using the vibrations of the bus to make myself come. The bus wasn’t full and I had a double seat to myself. However after a few stops, a very prim-looking secretary type got on and sat next to me. I was so far gone by this time that I couldn’t stop myself, even if I had wanted to and I had a shattering orgasm.

I had to cover my mouth with my hand as if I was about to start coughing – I don’t think she sussed it, but somehow I hope she knew! To be honest, I was so horny it wouldn’t have mattered who was next to me.

Posted: Tue, Aug 14, 2:33am by Jona

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