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Posted by , 07 December 2008

"After some girl-on-girl fondling we left”

"After some girl-on-girl fondling we left”

  • #60

    “Rubbing my clit through my soaking knickers”

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    “It took a number of gulps to get it down”

Myself and my housemate both split up with fellas last year, so we embarked on a weekend of debauchery to get over them. The first night we both pulled guys but didn’t ask any back, so the second night was all about getting laid. Soon we’d found two handsome lads who were splashing the cash. A bottle of champers later and they were back at ours.

To get them in the mood my housemate and me did our party trick and snogged for them. After some girl-on-girl fondling we went our separate ways taking our respective men with us. The sounds of wild sex filled the house until I heard my housemate come, so I let myself do likewise. We’re meeting the lads again and hoping to swap partners.


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