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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“And he soon blew his load into my mouth”

“And he soon blew his load into my mouth”

  • #94

    “Eventually, I had him massaging my pussy”

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    “He slowly worked his way down my body”

I was in my first year at Bristol Uni when I met a guy from the flat upstairs. He was one of those people I knew I’d end up shagging, but it wasn’t until a drunken night a few months later that he had the courage to kiss me. It was worth the wait. We rushed out of town and across the Clifton Suspension Bridge, but halfway across, I couldn’t contain myself and dropped to my knees, taking his dick in my mouth and sucking gently on it in a quiet alcove.

The thrill of being spotted was a turn-on, and he soon blew his load into my mouth. We’d just about got ourselves together when two policemen arrived to see what was going on. They said they’d had calls about a potential suicide attempt – obviously our huddle had been mistaken for a person in distress! With a bit of his come still in my throat, I croakily assured the coppers that we weren’t depressed at all.


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