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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“As we screwed we could hear hospital staff”

“As we screwed we could hear hospital staff”

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    “I had sat him down and straddled his dick”

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    “He quickly bent me over a bale of straw”

Last year, following an operation, my boyfriend was in hospital for a few weeks while he recovered. After a couple of days of teasing each other and sly fumbles under the sheets we both began feeling a little desperate for some action. So, one night I decided to visit my man while wearing a very short tartan miniskirt and tight white blouse.

As soon as I arrived in his room his eyes lit up and when I told him I wasn’t sporting any underwear he almost discharged himself there and then! Anyway, after almost half an hour of naughty talk I finally had the courage (and the horniness) to ease myself gently onto him and shuffle his sheet to the bottom of the bed. He was as hard as a rock and the kinky talk had me wet and hungry for him. I eased his dick into me and gently began rocking back and forth, taking care not to hurt him. As we screwed we could hear hospital workers chatting casually just by the door, but we nervously carried on.

The slow movement and days on end of sex starvation combined to make an extremely intense fuck for both of us, which climaxed in us coming in tandem. I climbed off my man and sat chatting to him until his parents arrived for a visit, oblivious to the fact that I had just been shagging their “poorly son.”


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