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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“But I was too close to coming to stop”

“But I was too close to coming to stop”

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    “Shimmying my pants down, I took out his cock”

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    “Without saying a word we were kissing”

My sister tied the knot last summer in a beautiful old mansion. I was a bridesmaid and the amazing dress I was in made me feel decidedly naughty. Once the formalities were over we all set about getting tipsy and I went into flirting hyper-drive. There must have been a dozen guys after me but I picked the best-looking man and, towards the end of the night, took him to a small room, hitched my skirt up, pulled my underwear to one side and let him place me on the window sill and fuck me.

I could hear the guests leaving outside and my mother calling me to say goodbye but I was too close to coming to stop. Biting on his finger I whimpered as the warm orgasm went through my veins. Mummy would be most disappointed.


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