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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“Desperate for his dick, I parted my legs”

“Desperate for his dick, I parted my legs”

  • #87

    “He came in my mouth, I gulped it down”

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    “He spun me round and slid his cock inside me”

As a student nurse, men are fascinated by my uniform but in reality it’s not all that sexy, so I got a better version from Ann Summers with which to drive my boyfriend bonkers. Recently, after a boozy night out with the girls, I came home, slipped my kinky outfit on and lay in bed waiting for my man to return. I fell asleep but was awoken to find him on top of me kissing me roughly on my neck.

He was all over me and soon began pulling my knickers down, which made me stupidly wet. Desperate for his dick, I parted my legs and he started to screw me like crazy – the uniform made me feel ten times sexier. We both pushed into each other until we experienced a great mutual orgasm. It was at that exact moment, laying in each other’s arms, that one of our housemates pushed the other one straight through our unlocked door. He caught an eyeful and ran off laughing. Tosser.


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