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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“Feeling my body warm up with the orgasm”

“Feeling my body warm up with the orgasm”

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    “He realised what I was – or wasn’t – wearing”

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    “I handed him a condom and he screwed me hard”

Last week I was alone at a launderette when I decided to test whether washing machine vibrations really are a huge turn-on for girls. Jumping onto the machine, I felt my clit getting stimulated almost instantly. I was getting really turned on and slipped my hand down my trousers, letting my fingers enter my warm, moist pussy.

The combination of my fingers on my clit and the vibrations shuddering through my pussy was out of this world and I was soon climaxing hard, feeling my entire body warm up with the orgasm. I even managed a second fiddle before an elderly couple came in and put an end to my experiment. Conclusion? Well, I’ll certainly be doing it again.


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