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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“Filthy comments and being in public turned me on”

“Filthy comments and being in public turned me on”

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    “I hitched one leg up so he could screw me”

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    “As he groaned I pressed my hand harder”

I hadn’t seen my boyfriend for weeks and was incredibly horny by the time he came to visit. Unfortunately, we were hardly ever left alone as my family is very traditional – so whenever we could we’d get down to it as quickly as was physically possible. One day, near the end of his stay, we were on a bus ride home when my boyfriend slowly slid his hand up my skirt and into my knickers. As I angled myself away from the gaze of our fellow passengers, he played with my clit and whispered how he wanted to fuck me.

The combination of his filthy comments and being in public turned me on incredibly and within seconds I was whimpering. He wasted no time in getting two fingers inside me and I was literally biting my hand to stifle my moans. I’d never been so wet and soon my whole body clenched into a hard orgasm. For hours afterwards my cheeks were flushed – and not through any sort of embarrassment.


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