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Posted by , 05 December 2008

“Go on then, I said, but you’d better be good”

“Go on then, I said, but you’d better be good”

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    “We screwed for an hour with him watching”

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    “I felt his erection pressing against me”

When I was 17 I had just lost my cherry to a boy in school (in America) who was really sporty, but didn’t take me very seriously. The sex wasn’t so bad, but I ended up quite hurt and wanted to get my own back somehow. Later when one of his rivals invited me to go sailing in his dad’s boat I was really keen. He invited two of his mates and we went out for most of the day.

As happens with teenagers we ended up flirting and talking sex and they asked if I was still a virgin. I said no, but it had been crap, so of course they all said they could show me something better. We’d all been drinking and I wanted to piss off my ex so I said, “Go on then – but you’d better be good.” I ended up trying all of them; it still makes me tingle to think about it. I can’t believe how wild I was, although I ended up dating one of them for ages.

Posted: Thu, August 16, 4:18pm by Naomi

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