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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“He came in my mouth, I gulped it down”

“He came in my mouth, I gulped it down”

  • #88

    “He spun me round and bent me over the desk”

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  • #86

    “Desperate for his dick, I parted my legs”

Feeling horny on a day out at the seaside, me and my fella wandered off to find a quiet spot. Over a few sand-dunes we settled down in a wind-free dip and started some alfresco fumblings. He was working wonders with his hands in my bikini bottoms until I slipped down his body and took him in my mouth. I loved the way it felt, it made me so wet.

When after a few minutes he came in my mouth, I gulped it down. Next he began to lick at my pussy and I could feel the sun, his tongue and a slight breeze on my clit. The three sensations had me coming like crazy. Suddenly we both jumped with fright as we heard a kid shouting, “Bang bang!” and firing a toy gun at us. The little guerilla then sprinted off shooting at heaven knows what else. Thank God.


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