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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“He locked my legs apart on the bed posts”

“He locked my legs apart on the bed posts”

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    “He played with my pussy until I was red hot”

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    “He spun me round and bent me over the desk”

My ex used to love role-play and on his birthday I decided to give him a special treat. I dressed up in full police woman garb, complete with a ridged baton and handcuffs. When he got back from work it didn’t take long for him to start chaining me up with the cuffs. Using the new set, and an existing pair, he locked my legs apart on the posts of the bed and began to penetrate me with the baton.

The ridged, stiff nature of the implement brought me to orgasm in less than a minute. My man then inserted his own baton inside me, and with the thrill of my legs still locked apart, a second orgasm powered through me. Even now, I get excited when I see a kitted-out copper on the beat.


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