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Posted by , 04 December 2008

"He must have been taking sperm enhancer"

"He must have been taking sperm enhancer"

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    “Her mother was on the bed playing with herself”

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    "Her knees were bent spraying water at her pussy"

I just got back from a two-week seminar in Germany, missing my boyfriend. When I got back he said that all he wanted to do was have sex, and that he hadn’t ejaculated for the entire time I was away. I have a thing about huge ‘loads’ anyway so I was hoping to be impressed.

I started to wank him off as soon as we were in through the door and in less than a minute I could feel him tensing up under my hand. I’m sure he must have been taking some kind of sperm enhancer, because the load was absolutely enormous! His dick kept twitching in my hand, spurting more each time. He made a huge mess, not just on me, but all over the bedsheets, and even on our bedroom wall. I didn’t care about that though: I’d just witnessed the greatest display of male virility EVER.

Posted: Thursday, October 24, at 8.11pm by Sarah87

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