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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“He quickly bent me over a bale of straw”

“He quickly bent me over a bale of straw”

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    “As we screwed we could hear hospital staff”

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    “This sent me into another dizzying climax”

My ex-boyfriend was from Cornwall and during our first summer together, he took me to visit his parents back in his hometown. Being the traditional people they were, we had to sleep in different rooms – even on separate floors of their house. This drove us absolutely crazy with sexual frustration, so every opportunity we got to be alone, we tried to get some fast relief. On the last day, his parents popped out to the local shop to get something for lunch, so we knew we only had a few minutes to get it on – which added to our excitement.

We raced out into the empty field behind the house and he quickly bent me over a bale of straw, yanked my wet knickers to the side and slipped his cock inside me. It was so good to finally get it that I spread my legs as wide as I could and lifted one knee onto the bale so he could really thrust deep. We were going at it so fast that the straps on my top slipped off and my nipples were being tickled by the hay.

Just at the point we were about to come there was a loud “Moooo!” and we both jolted in shock. Turning around, we saw a solitary cow tilting its head, admiring our alfresco fumblings. The cheeky spectator, who looked extremely confused, didn’t stop us from finishing our fun, though!


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