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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“He slowly worked his way down my body”

“He slowly worked his way down my body”

  • #93

    “And he soon blew his load into my mouth”

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    “I clung to his headboard screaming”

One hot summer’s evening as the office started emptying, I caught the building’s handyman watching me with a kinky look. By 7pm I was ready to head home, but felt so sweaty I decided to shower in the office bathroom. As I opened the door, the same guy called over and said it was broken. “I guess I’ll have to stay dirty,” I purred as his jaw dropped open.

He mustered the courage to say he really wanted me and within seconds he had me undressed to my thong and up against the wall. Starting at my neck, he slowly worked his way down my body until he was gently kissing my wet pussy. I arched my back with pure pleasure while his tongue went to work. Desperate to feel him inside me, I lifted one leg from the floor and he took this as his cue to screw me.

I groaned as he pushed into me and we both began sweating like mad – I just loved how dirty it made me feel in the thick heat. When it was over, we dressed in silence, breathing hard, and made our way back to our work areas. Little did I know I’d be giving him his P45 later that month due to staff cuts!


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