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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“He spun me round and bent me over the desk”

“He spun me round and bent me over the desk”

  • #89

    “He locked my legs apart on the bed posts”

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  • #87

    “He came in my mouth, I gulped it down”

Me and my boyfriend work at the same supermarket. We’ve always joked about having sex in our manager’s office and one evening, I decided to go and find my man. Grasping his hand, I led him into the boss’s den, pushed him onto the desk and slid my hand down on his cock. Then, in one swift move, he grabbed me, spun me round and bent me over the desk.

Parting my soaking underwear, he eased his cock inside me. He used one hand to hold me steady and the other to play with my clit, making me come over and over. We didn’t really have time to savour the moment, but now whenever either of us is called to his office we can’t help but laugh at the filthy goings on that had taken place, bent over his beloved family photo.


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