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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“He started running his hand up my leg”

“He started running his hand up my leg”

  • #85

    “He spun me round and slid his cock inside me”

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  • #83

    “I began sitting on him and riding his dick”

Two days into a summer cruise last year, my friend began to complain that she felt unwell, so I went to arrange an appointment for her with the ship’s doctor. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that he was really fit. But while I described my friend’s symptoms, I became aware that I was blushing because of the intense eye-contact we were making.

I shrugged off my nerves and began flirting outrageously until he started running his hand up my leg. The next thing I knew, he had lifted my skirt up and was gently rubbing my clit. It was so kinky, I had no complaints when he bent me over his medical couch, pulled my knickers to the side and began to hammer into my wet pussy. After a minute or two, I came so hard that my legs gave way, so he had to hold me up until he came too. My friend didn’t get the same treatment.


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