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Posted by , 05 December 2008

“Her bloke was standing up, naked and hard”

“Her bloke was standing up, naked and hard”

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    “I gave him a blow-job and then lay back”

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    “He says I’m kinky, but I found it a turn on”

“Whilst on a night out with the girls we were all talking about our boyfriends and recent experiences. Anyway, my friend Vicky told us about her new bloke and the fact he produced lots when he came. After a few more drinks I told her I’d really like to see him come, as in my personal life I’d never seen a bloke produce more than a dribble. She invited me back to hers later that night, told me to go to the kitchen and wait for her to come and get me.

“She came back and quietly took me to her bedroom where her bloke was blindfolded and standing up, naked and hard. She then proceeded to rub baby oil on his dick and wank him off while I watched. As he got more excited I moved so I was kneeling right in front of him only inches away. Just before he came Vicky took off his blindfold – he looked down to watch himself cover my face in come (tons of the stuff). Vicky then licked off what didn’t go down my throat and I left, only saying goodbye. Still makes me horny now to think about it.”

Posted:: Wed Jul 18, 1:46 pm by Blonde Laura

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