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Posted by , 04 December 2008

“Her mother was on the bed playing with herself”

“Her mother was on the bed playing with herself”

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    "As I took my top off, one of the girls came over"

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    "He must have been taking sperm enhancer"

I went to a rather posh girls school and was spending the weekend at the home of one of my classmates. We were supposedly helping each other with revision for our A-Levels but were mainly listening to records and messing around. Her family were much better off than mine and lived in a big house a few miles outside town. I had my own room on the second floor and Kathy was on the floor below.

We spent the first evening in her room ‘revising’ before I went upstairs to my room to sleep. The next morning I got up and, having washed and dressed, I decided to head downstairs to Kathy’s room to see what the plan was for the day. Reaching her floor I realised that I wasn’t sure which of the many doors was actually the door to her room. After carefully opening the door to a linen closet and a bathroom I timidly pushed open the door I was now certain was Kathy’s.

I found myself looking into a large bedroom, which obviously wasn’t hers. I knew this not just because it didn’t have all her schoolgirl clutter strewn about, but also because her mother was lying on the bed moaning with pleasure as she played with herself. I was too shocked to move – and was also suddenly very aroused. Her mother, Angela, was on top of the bedspread and was wearing a deep blue silk nightdress, open at the waist. One hand was pressing the material between her wide-apart legs and the other was massaging her rather splendid breasts through the silk.

I stood there, taking it all in, furiously rubbing myself between my legs wishing I hadn’t put these thick jeans on as Angela began to moan and squirm. A few seconds later, she brought herself to a very strong climax.

As she slowed down and subsided I backed out of the doorway on tiptoe and pulled the door shut as quietly as I could before rushing into the bathroom a couple of doors away, pulling down my trousers and bringing myself to a climax with a few strokes of my soaking wet pussy.

Posted: Saturday, October 20, at 2:48pm by Anne

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