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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“I clung to his headboard screaming”

“I clung to his headboard screaming”

  • #92

    “He slowly worked his way down my body”

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  • #90

    “He played with my pussy until I was red hot”

A few months ago I pulled this great-looking guy in a bar in Surrey and agreed to go back to his for a night of full-on kinkiness. Sure enough, once we’d got to his place we wasted no time in pulling each other’s clothes off and getting down to it. We were both drunk but it didn’t lose any of its intensity, and I could feel myself getting wet from his kisses alone. By the time he had his head buried between my legs I was howling like mad. Anyway, the guy then asked me if I’d dress in a nurse’s uniform for him! I’m quite a kinky cow so I thought, what the hell – and felt fantastic in the naughty outfit.

He took me from behind as I clung to his headboard screaming with pleasure until I jolted into an almighty orgasm, dropped my head into his pillow and fell into a deep sleep. In the morning, feeling randy again, I played with myself while asking him about the nurse outfit. “Oh that, it’s my mum’s old uniform,” he calmly replied. Feeling a touch disgusted I made my excuses and left.


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