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Posted by , 05 December 2008

“I felt his erection pressing against me”

“I felt his erection pressing against me”

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    “Go on then, I said, but you’d better be good”

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    “He ripped my pants off and fucked me”

I was on a beach in Spain with my boyfriend. There were several topless girls that my boyfriend was slyly looking at so I took my top off too. There were a group of three Spanish boys nearby and they were watching as I asked my b/f to rub some suntan oil on me. He did my back and then I sat between his legs and leaned back against him so he could put his hands around to do my front. I encouraged him to take his time and he massaged oil into my breasts slowly. I had my eyes locked on to the three boys who were watching him stimulate me.

One was rubbing the front of his trunks and he had a big bulge. My boyfriend could see them looking and made a show of stroking my breasts and rubbing around my nipples. I could feel his erection against me and he whispered in my ear that they wanted to fuck me. I got so hot I had a quiet – but long – orgasm just from them seeing me being so aroused.

Posted: Sat, July 21, 4:20pm by Bethany

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