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Posted by , 05 December 2008

“I gave him a working over, licking the shaft”

“I gave him a working over, licking the shaft”

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    “My fingers move to the button of your jeans”

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    “I push my hands upward past her hips”

I was an undergraduate and meeting with one of my professors, who I had an insane crush on. He was incredibly worldly, intellectual and appealing, especially to me at 20. While I had flirted with him, and knew friends who had slept with their professors, I never had any sense he wanted me. Until the day I was in his office going over a paper I had turned in. We ended up sitting close, and suddenly he leaned over, took my face in his hands, and kissed me.

I spontaneously fell to my knees in front of him as I caressed his legs and crotch, and then freed his cock from inside his zipper and happily took it in my mouth. I stayed down there as I gave him a major working over, licking the shaft, running my tongue over the head, then taking it all inside my mouth and moving up and down as I sucked with increasing fervour.

While I licked and sucked, I could feel my panties drench. I lost track of time, but soon he was bucking against my face and gasping. Then he grabbed my head and hair as he shot into my young mouth. We met a couple of more times and did some serious screwing. It never turned into much more. But I didn’t care.

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