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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“I handed him a condom and he screwed me hard”

“I handed him a condom and he screwed me hard”

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    “Feeling my body warm up with the orgasm”

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    “Because of the handcuffs I couldn’t stop him”

I’m quite a brave girl when it comes to making sure I get laid once a month, but one shag a few years ago was bold even for me. I had been living in halls of residence at uni for two weeks, when we were warned that all our electrical goods would be tested for safety reasons. I had seen the guy testing them in the halls opposite, and thought I’d have enough time to have some fun with my new Rabbit before he tested my room.

What I didn’t realise was that there was another electrician testing the rooms in our halls at the same time! Unaware of this, I’d started to play with myself and become insanely randy when there was a knock at the door. I ignored it but then heard some keys jangling so I got myself together and opened up. There was the electrician, who wasn’t my usual type, but I was so randy I didn’t care.

Inviting him in, I opened my dressing gown and he wasted no time getting me over to my bed. Hurriedly, he pulled his overalls down, I handed him a condom from my bedside table and he began screwing me hard. It made me feel super-dirty and was just what I needed to re-reach the orgasm I was so close to minutes earlier. He, of course, came too and didn’t hang around, darting out of the door without even testing my electrics.


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