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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“I have to admit I had my hands down his pants”

“I have to admit I had my hands down his pants”

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    “I proceeded to lick him from head to toe”

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    “I had sat him down and straddled his dick”

My boyfriend and I have been going out for nearly a year and have a very experimental sex life. One day out shopping we stumbled across Ann Summers and having dared each other to go in we decided to invest in a remote activated clit teaser. We got back to his house and decided to go to the cinema with this thing on me. I gave him the remote control and off we went. He didn’t test it until the film started, but my God was it worth the wait.

Each time he pressed the button the device would vibrate gently against my clit and push me closer and closer to orgasm. We draw the line at sex in public but I have to admit I did have my hands down his pants while I clenched my way through every orgasmic wave. It got too much for both of us and we had to leave after just 30 minutes of the film. On the drive home he pressed the button to keep me as horny as hell and once we were back at his flat he finished me off with his tongue, which is still the best way to do it.


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