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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“I hitched one leg up so he could screw me”

“I hitched one leg up so he could screw me”

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    “I felt my pussy warm instantly with lust”

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    “Filthy comments and being in public turned me on”

One day this summer my man and I decided it would be a perfect time to go for a bike ride in the New Forest. We set off and, having cycled a good few miles in the blazing heat, we began to feel a bit hot and sweaty, so we decided to take a quick break in the shade. Having spent all day on a bike I was feeling horny and before I knew it, my boyfriend pushed me up against a tree just off the cycle path. He started kissing me passionately while frantically pulling my tiny shorts down. I hitched one leg up so he could screw me, which he did wonderfully.

We shagged like wild animals and went on for ages until I was on the cusp of orgasm. It was at that moment, just before I felt like I was about to explode, that I spotted the funniest looking duck waddling passed us. As if disgusted with what it saw, it paused, bellowed out a brilliantly loud quack, then walked on its way. An instant fit of the giggles prevented any further filth.


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