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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“I lay on the carpet and he got on top of me”

“I lay on the carpet and he got on top of me”

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    “The fizz made my nipples ache with lust”

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    “I rocked myself back and forth on his knob”

Last month I went to a very plush and boozy black tie ceremony with my work colleagues. The fun soon turned to flirting, which then turned to outright filth when I led a guy out of the hotel and into a taxi. We managed to behave during the journey but once inside my flat, we went crazy. While I pulled his trousers down and took his cock out, he forced my tight black dinner dress up and helped my thong slip to the floor.

I lay on the carpet and he got on top of me. He began shagging me while I pulled him deeper and deeper into me. I remember the orgasm vividly because it was so great, it actually sobered me up! The next day the poor chap had to return his tux to Moss Bros and explain the suspect white stains all over it.


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