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Posted by , 05 December 2008

"I noticed him getting bigger in his pants"

"I noticed him getting bigger in his pants"

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    “It was the sexiest HJ I’ve ever performed!”

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    "As I took my top off, one of the girls came over"

I studied sports massage and was recently asked to help out at a rugby club. One of their hot players came in with a groin injury, stripped down to his underwear and laid on the table so I could start working on his injury. We became friendly over the week and each day I would give his groin muscle a good working over and couldn’t stop thinking about him. Then one day he came in just as I was about to go home and asked if I could give him a quick rub as he was playing an important match the next day.

As I massaged, I noticed him getting bigger in his pants. Watching him ‘grow’ I knew I had to have him. So I began to rub his manhood, pulled down his pants and jerked him off. It didn’t take him long to say he was about to blow his load and so I leaned over and took his giant cock in my mouth. I could tell he hadn’t come for ages as he had a massive load that almost made me gag, but he tasted good and we both got what we wanted. The next day he scored the winning try…

Posted:: Sunday, November 11, at 1:36pm by Kimberley

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