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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“I proceeded to lick him from head to toe”

“I proceeded to lick him from head to toe”

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    “I tied him up, climbed on and shagged him silly"

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    “I have to admit I had my hands down his pants”

I was seeing this guy who had only ever slept with one woman before me – he’d had a girlfriend for eight years, so getting him into my bed was a mission. His ex must’ve been pretty straight in the sack, as when I whipped out my box of toys for the first time, he almost spunked his load there and then. Anyway, I liked him and thought it’d be fun teaching him a thing or two. After we’d been seeing each other for a few weeks, I finally got him in bed and told him I had a surprise for him.

I tied him to my headboard with my stockings, blindfolded him, and proceeded to lick him from head to toe spending plenty of time on his knob. My hands ran all over his body and within half a second he came like the falls. I sucked it all down hungrily before freeing him from the bed and removing his blindfold. I could see the lad was in a bit of state but I fell asleep soon after. The next morning we woke up and he seemed more nervous than ever. Eventually he plucked up the courage and said I was too experienced for him and that he couldn’t go out with me. When he left my house I fell about in fits of giggles.


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