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Posted by , 05 December 2008

“I pulled his pants down and sank to my knees”

“I pulled his pants down and sank to my knees”

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    “My tits were jiggling with every pump”

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    “Being watched was just the thrill I needed”

It was warm in the studio, so I removed my sweater and threw it to the side as William began to feel up my breasts. The snapper, G, told us to go over to the other side of the bed near the black curtain. The camera clicked, the flash went off. We’d started. I began to unbutton William’s shirt then reached for his belt – I wanted him naked for the camera. I leaned over and began to suck his nipple as I worked on his pants. I could feel his cock react to my mouth on his nipple.

The flash of light seemed to cause a reaction as we moved along. I took off my shirt and pulled William’s pants down to the floor, then sank to my knees, seeing G out of the corner of my eye as she moved closer to take the photo of William’s cock entering my mouth. Capturing my lover’s cock in my mouth was such an incredible turn on. She snapped away, William pumping his cock into my mouth, as my pussy got wetter and wetter. After a while he reached down into my pants. I was soaking. We worked it, playing with each other and to the camera at the same time. After a while, William said, “Get up and sit on top of me…”

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