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Posted by , 05 December 2008

“I push my hands upward past her hips”

“I push my hands upward past her hips”

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    “I gave him a working over, licking the shaft”

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    “I went down on him, then pulled off my pants”

The soft warmth of her mouth grinds softly against mine and without thinking about it my hand snakes up inside her clothes. I cup one of her breasts and begin to stroke the nipple. Her buttocks begin to push against my crotch and I feel her hand slide downwards. Nadine’s breath comes in coarse pants as she pulls open the belt at her waist and begins to wriggle her shoulders free of her top. My lips suck at her swollen breasts.

I kneel on the sofa before her and with a firm movement open her legs. I bend down and begin to lap roughly at the soft folds. She gasps, though with shock or pleasure I’m not sure. My heart is pounding – the thought of a gentle build up is totally beyond me. I begin to finger her as my tongue flicks against her lips, fucking her with my hand quickly and hard, flexing my fingers slightly as they ease into the core of her wetness. Nadine grinds against me, her hips carving slow crescents against my face and skull.

I lick deeper, more hungrily. I push my hands upward past her hips, upwards and on, and gain new purchases on the hardening centres of her breasts. I knead them without finesse, pinching them and pressing them against my palms. She whimpers as I suck one of her tits, brushing the nipple with my rigid tongue… It’s complicated to have her back, but God it’s good.

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