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Posted by , 04 December 2008

“I tied him up, climbed on and shagged him silly"

“I tied him up, climbed on and shagged him silly"

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    "Her knees were bent spraying water at her pussy"

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    “I proceeded to lick him from head to toe”

I booked a hotel room and asked my man to meet me in the bar after he finished work. I got there before him, dressed in the works: stockings, red knickers and bra, a satin dress and a scarf around my neck. A dark wig finished the outfit off and I went to sit at the bar. He came into the bar and didn’t recognise me at first but when I spoke to the barman he heard me and got the hint.

We chatted like strangers and had a few drinks, before I offered him a nightcap in my room. Once we were up there, I took over, tied him to the bed, climbed on top and tried to shag him silly. But it didn’t work as he persuaded me to let him loose. Big mistake! I ended up tied up with my own stockings and gagged with my scarf. The next two hours I was licked and fucked like never before. The change really worked for both of us…

Posted: Thursday, October 11, at 12.34am by Anon

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