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Posted by , 05 December 2008

“I turned over and she worked on my nipples”

“I turned over and she worked on my nipples”

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    “I went down on him, then pulled off my pants”

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    “I massaged my pussy through satin panties”

I’m in my late twenties and in long-term relationship but always had an idea that I liked women. I wanted to give it a go for a while and yesterday while sat at work (and extremely horny) I decided to find an escort. After going home and looking through a load of profiles online, I found two that did visits together. One was blonde, one was Spanish-looking and both were my age. I phoned them up and booked them for an hour. I settled my nerves with some vodka, put on some sexy knickers and waited.

When they arrived it wasn’t awkward, more like meeting two old friends. We chatted for a while and then one of them gave the other a naked rub-down while I watched. I joined in and eventually they just massaged me, then I turned over and one worked on my nipples. It was lovely feeling her hair sweeping over my body – I was so turned on.

The other girl worked on my legs and spread my legs to work on my inner thighs. I felt a tongue going deep into me and stifled a scream. It was so sexy to have two ladies working on bringing me off. Just as I was about to come, one girl straddled my face. Hearing her moan made me grind down on the other girl more and more till I orgasmed like never before. It was enjoyment right from the minute they walked in and more sensual than any man has ever been…

Posted:: Friday, November 9,12:58 pm by Kelly

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