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Posted by , 05 December 2008

“I was shocked at how arousing I found it”

“I was shocked at how arousing I found it”

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    “He ripped my pants off and fucked me”

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    “And she got bent over the bottom of the bed”“And

I was at a party when I was 18. I was too drunk, on the rebound, and my recent ex was telling everyone I was a frigid bitch. One of the other guys paid me loads of attention and told me how great I was and talked me into a bedroom. We ended up having sex on a bed next to a passed-out boy, who halfway through turned out not to be passed out at all, but watching.

I was shocked at how arousing I found it, and my performance got more vocal and wanton through having an audience. I topped it off with my first vaginal orgasm ever, and probably one of the most intense of my life.

Posted:: Thu, July 19, 4:43pm by Curious Cat

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