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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“I was wet as she peeled my lacy knickers off”

“I was wet as she peeled my lacy knickers off”

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    “Our noisy nookie had attracted an audience”

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    “5 for anal, 3 for sex, and 1 for oral”

I had a few mates over for a girly evening recently. Most of them staggered home but my best friend stayed to help tidy up. We got to it but, being a tad tipsy, ended up messing around. We wrestled each other until we landed on the floor giggling. Suddenly we stopped laughing, looked into each other’s eyes, took a deep breath and kissed. I’d never tried it with a girl before, but the drink lowered my inhibitions and it just seemed right. Her hands roamed up the side of my legs.

An encouraging moan escaped my lips and she slid one hand up my stocking and onto the inside of my thigh, while the other unclipped my bra. She must have noticed I was getting wet as she peeled my lacy knickers off, lifted up my skirt, parted my legs and took a good, long taste of me. Her tongue flicked across my clit, making me gasp. And when she came up and kissed me and I tasted myself on her lips, it turned me on even more – prompting me to return the favour.


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