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Posted by , 05 December 2008

“It was the sexiest HJ I’ve ever performed!”

“It was the sexiest HJ I’ve ever performed!”

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    “A minute later I was on top riding him hard”

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    "I noticed him getting bigger in his pants"

I’m a huge fan of giving my boyfriend hand-jobs – I love the fact I’m in total control whilst I’m doing it. The other night I teased him; a little way through I stopped and was more gentle and then slowly poured baby oil over him (it’s magic stuff in these situations). The more I poured, the more slippery his cock became as I carried on stroking as slowly as I could.

The more he begged me, the more I slowed down until eventually he came and I continued to masturbate him a little longer – ensuring all of it came out! I couldn’t believe how wet I became when I watched him come. It was the sexiest HJ I’ve ever performed!

Posted:: Monday, November 5, 10:43am by Libby

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