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Posted by , 05 December 2008

“My fingers move to the button of your jeans”

“My fingers move to the button of your jeans”

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    “Being watched was just the thrill I needed”

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    “I gave him a working over, licking the shaft”

Reaching my office, you gently push me inside. Taking one last look out into the hallway, you close the door behind you and lock it. Our tongues meet as our mouths caress each other. Not being one to pass up a good screw, I wrap my arms around you, pulling you tighter. Your hands waste no time finding the buttons of my blouse. One by one you pop them open taking the time to caress my skin between each. Finally reaching the bottom, you tug my blouse free of my skirt. I let it slide from my shoulders…

You pause to look at me for a moment. Fingers drift over my skin again, finding my breasts. Shivers run through me as they slide inside the cups of my bra. My nipples react, hardening under your touch. Pushing me back against the desk, your hands move to unclip my bra and I let it fall free of my breasts. I hear you groan as you take them into your hands.I press my hand against the hardness under your jeans. I rub, slowly, against the fabric, letting you feel what I want. Your teeth bite and I moan louder.

My fingers move to the button of your jeans. The zipper slides down so easily and my hand slips inside. I take you in my grasp. Stroking slowly, I feel your body move with me. “I want you,” I whisper into your ear as my lips find your neck. “Fuck me.” You pull me up to sit me on the desk. Pushing my skirt up the rest of the way, I pull your cock free. Leaning back and spreading my thighs for you, I wrap my legs around your waist. “Fuck me,” I whisper again…

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