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Posted by , 05 December 2008

“She went down on me while I masturbated her”

“She went down on me while I masturbated her”

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    “Covered me in come then filled me with more”

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    “I pushed him onto the bed and took control”

I went over to a female colleague’s house on a Friday night for a party. At the end of the night me, her and a guy decided to go to bed, aware that more would happen. So we all went to the girl’s room and, after a couple of minutes, the door opened and her housemate came in. “You don’t seriously think I’m gonna miss out on all the fun?” she asked, and joined us in bed. All four of us started to feel each other up, kiss and undress each other.

Me and one of the girls gave the guy a blow-job at the same time, which was fun! The bed started to get a bit crowded after a while so the guy started to screw my colleague on the floor, right in front of me. It was incredibly sexy! Me and the other girl got down to it on the bed, she went down on me while I masturbated her. The hottest part was knowing the other two were watching us…

Posted: Thur, Aug 16, 9:39am by Darlene101

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