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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“This sent me into another dizzying climax”

“This sent me into another dizzying climax”

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    “He quickly bent me over a bale of straw”

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    “Eventually, I had him massaging my pussy”

During a week-long college trip to Spain, I stayed with a girl called Victoria and her lovely family – and most lovely of all was her stunning older brother, Alfredo. The hot weather allowed me to wear my skimpiest, sexiest outfits – I could tell he was interested in me. One night I went out with Victoria and her brother, and as soon as her back was turned we were flirting like mad. Vic was really drunk so we put her to bed and I joined Fredo for a cigarette in his room when he whispered something in Spanish, which I didn’t catch.

Baffled, I replied, “Si.” Instantly he pounced on me, pinning me to the bed and pulling my clothes off. Horny as hell, I positioned myself so he could finger me while I sucked his cock, then, without warning, he literally picked me up clean off the floor and fucked me against the wall. I was coming within seconds, well before him, until I felt him ejaculate hard inside me too.

This sent me into another dizzying climax during which I unwittingly bit down on his lip. He howled in pain until I let go. I had clamped so hard that it drew blood and the poor chap had a blackened swollen lip for the remainder of my stay.

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