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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“To reward him I let him slide inside my bum”

“To reward him I let him slide inside my bum”

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    “Without saying a word we were kissing”

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    “I took out his cock and eased myself onto it”

I go to acting college, and take it from me, us wannabe thespians are a horny bunch. Last month we went for some post-lesson drinks and, as my classmates got more hammered and went home, it ended up just me and one other guy. He wasn’t that attractive but by now I was horny-drunk so I suggested he come back to mine and stay the night. He jumped at the chance. Entering my room I was mortified to see I’d left my bedside drawer open with my Rampant Rabbit clearly visible, but thanks to the drink, we soon had the vibrator out and in use.

The feeling of my toy inside me and the guy’s tongue on my clit was almost too much and I was noisily coming like mad. To reward him I let him slide inside my bum while I kept my Rabbit in my pussy. To avoid embarrassment the next morning, we simply woke up and screwed again before rolling into college an hour late to a chorus of knowing cheers.


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